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Quality is in our nature

Dor.Ky D&D Ltd. is a family owned company founded by Dr. Kobi Yegana, Ph.D in Animal Immunology and  Physiology from the Faculty of Agriculture at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

With over 30 years of experience in the field of veterinary products and agro-chemicals, Dor.Ky has the technology, experience and knowledge to develop and produce both unique and innovative products in the field of generic/parallel products.

High Quality

Dor.Ky prides itself for having high standards of quality. Following our strict Quality Assurance protocol, our products are also under constant supervision of quality control laboratories which are supervised and certified by the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture. 


Dor.Ky is known for its research and development capabilities. The company is constantly investing in new developments of innovative products.

Professional Staff

Dor.Ky has a skilled, professional and experienced team of veterinarians, pharmacists, chemists and agronmists which collaborates for research and development of new products.

Broad Activity

Dor.Ky develope, produce and distribute a wide range of veterinary products for Poultry, Cattle, Horses and Pets. In addition, Dor.Ky develop and produce a wide range of plant&crop protection products.


In past years there has been an increase in awareness towards the importance of Bio-Security practices in animal production farms.

It is now a common practice that in order to protect the animals from exposure to pathogenic micro-organisms, which may cause diseases, animal production farms must act according to a well composed Bio-Security protocol and implement disinfectants, insecticides and cleaning.

Maintaining a professional and extensive Bio-Security protocol assists in the reduction of pathogenic micro-organisms presence in the farm, and the exposure of the animals to diseases that may cause harm to the animal health, well-being and thus, productivity.

Any negative effect on the animal health and well-being, may have ramification on the animals performance, production and morbidity.

 Read more on the subject and contact us to get a personalized Bio-Security protocol adjusted to our customers needs, according to the condition, equipment and problems in their farm. 


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