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Biodor ADE
Vitamin concentrate for drinking water
Biodor E + Selenium
A stable liquid concentrate for poultry and livestock
Biodor H
Liquid Vitamins preparation fortified by Biotin
Biodor liquid
A liquid, stable vitamin concentrate for poultry and livestock
A feed supplement, containing Carnitin for Poultry and Livestock.
Super Biovit
Multivitamins and Amino Acids for Poultry and Livestock. Essential for growth, disease resistance, and for coping with stress conditions .
Biodor ADE + Carnitin
Vitamins concentrate for drinking water
Biodor Hodim
Multivitamins, and Amino Acids for Turkeys
Multivit E + Selenium
A stable liquid concentrate
Multivit S
For the treatment and prevention of vitamin deficiency; as in aid in overcoming stress conditions and for the stimulation of appetite, as well as for supportive and preventative therapy in pregnancy toxemia in ewe